Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones.

Best-rated gaming headset

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset (4.1 stars, 3,311 reviews)

“Comfort” comes up in over 600 five-star reviews of this gaming headset from HyperX.One customer was so happy about the headset that she couldn’t express her reaction.She wrote ” You can’t ask for anything more from this headset. They’re comfortable, have excellent sound quality, and are easy on my head for long gaming sessions. They work perfect with my PC for plug and play. I had to download a certain firmware version on HyperX’s website for them to work correctly with my PS4, and this is a pretty well known issue but easily fixable. ” Another reviewer, who says they’ve owned “many headsets from Logitech, Plantronics and my last 2 were some higher priced Racer Carachias and Kraken Pro” says this headset “put all of them to shame … I use the default memory foam cups and they are the most comfortable headset I ever tried.” Hundreds of reviewers also speak to the sound quality, including one who says, “Sound quality in and out is great. As someone who appreciates a good, clear low end, this headset can go low and make you feel it, without sacrificing clarity and volume in the highs.” Other reviewers complimented the headset’s incredible noise-blocking ability, with one reviewer exclaiming, “I thought my old headset was noise-canceling. Holy cow, talk about privacy! These REALLY do cut out outside noise.”

Best-rated (less expensive) gaming headset

NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset 4.2 stars, 854 reviews

This gaming headset from NUBWO gets top marks for value. One reviewer even calls them “ the best purchase I’ve ever made on Amazon so far. I bought these with low expectations and man, did it surpass that! Fantastic quality, mic and speaker wise. Feels and looks nice. Comes with an adaptor for different plug sizes and doesn’t feel cheap AT ALL. This is the BEST bang for your buck.” Many other reviewers were similarly delighted by this headset’s affordability, with one writing, “They far exceed the $60 Turtle Beach headset I used to have … Very comfortable too, after hours of wear I forgot they were even there. You must get this, it’s worth the extremely low price!” The headset’s sound and mic quality were additional selling points for reviewers. “I’ve listened to headphones that cost hundreds of dollars and I think that this is a very comparable set,” one satisfied owner writes. “The sound comes through clearly and I’m able to hear and speak with others through the microphone easily — I usually have to speak slowly and clearly but now it’s as if I’m sitting right next to the people.”

Another customer bought NUBWO U3 for his daughter wrote ” I was like the other skeptics here, doubting this headset could deliver my needs. I bought this headset for my daughter so we can play online together. I really didn’t want to spend to much but I new buying a headset at Walmart was really gonna screw me over.I just plugged these baby’s into my Gigabyte board and it took me less than 5 minutes to shape the sound like I wanted with the Realtek audio manager and let me tell you these things sound super good. Audio is part of my every day job and I’ve been doing it for many years. If these sounded like crap I would tell you.I personally own the SteelSeries Siberia 840 and I would say that sound quality is hanging right in there with the 840. Of course I didn’t really buy the Siberia’s for concert quality drivers. It was more about the wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. Don’t get me wrong I love my wireless 840 but if I needed to travel I would have no problem carrying the U3 with me.Bass response is very good. You can feel the slight thumps on low end sounds. But it also sounds really tight. Not sloppy bass. Mids and highs come in nice and clear. Like I said before, tune your sound up with your EQ and you will be amazed.The mic is also extremely clear. I get great levels in discord with just the regular mic gain at 100% in windows. Even with a +10db boost it still has very little hiss. Anything higher than that and you will start to get a hiss if you are in a moderately noisy room.The only issue I have with these is that the cup size for my ears is just a hair smaller than I like, though the cup has generous room. I’m so used to my 840’s and their big and deep cushions. Spoiled I know 🙂 Also the cups don’t swivel so if you plan on leaving a cup off your head for an extended period of time it’s probably going to start to get uncomfortable after a while.”

And now for some micro-picks of every type of gaming headset

Best wireless gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset (4.1 stars, 689 reviews)

Many reviewers lauded this gaming headset’s wireless capabilities.One customer was happy because of the power of the battery.He wrote ” The most i’ve gotten on a full charge was 5 hours of use. However that does not affect how i view these amazing headphones. Great quality! Would buy again ” Another reviewer was delighted to discover the headset’s range, writing: “I leave the headset on, walk out of my room, down a flight of stairs, through the living room and dining room, down another flight of stairs and into the basement and there’s absolutely no cut-outs, no static, no signal degradation of any kind. WOW!” Lots of owners also praised the headset’s long-lasting battery life. One particularly enthusiastic reviewer wrote: “Battery life is usually the downside to a wireless headset as you have to stop playing to recharge battery if you forget but not this one. It lasts forever. Love it!”

Another reviewer wrote he has used 2 same headphone before and it’s his 3rd time buying it.He wrote ” This is the third Hyper X headset I have purchased over the last five years for myself and family, there customer service is amazing for example, I lost my mic during a move and email them to purchase a new one, guess what! they sent me one at no charge at all. Don’t pay any attention to the other negative reviews, I go multiple days without the need to recharge and the clarityis amazing. Totally recommend! “

Best gaming headset with best mic

Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset (4.1 stars, 1224 reviews)

Dozens of reviewers agreed that this headset’s main selling point was its mic. One reviewer, who says he has “the loudest roommate in the world,” describes the mic sound quality as “NEXT LEVEL! I also have a cat that loves to yell at me. Doesn’t pick it up at all.” Another satisfied reviewer recounts a story that showcases the mic’s impressive performance: “The first time I used it I had a 20-minute phone conversation with my boss while running from room to room to keep away from my toddler’s screaming and barking dogs. When I finally gave up and apologized for my non-professional behavior and background noise, he responded, ‘What do you mean? I didn’t hear a thing.’ This is exactly what I bought these ‘phones for.” Besides its high-quality mic, this headset’s outstanding sound quality had many reviewers very satisfied. According to one excited reviewer, “Audio is its business and business is oh so good. The music that comes out just envelops me.”

An Experienced customer who used the headset for 1 year wrote ” I have been using this headset for 1 year and a half and it still seems like I wore it yesterday. The quality is fantastic and the sound is great. Doesn’t break easily or get worn down like so many other headset. “

So if you want a durable headset you can check this out

Best noise-canceling over-ears gaming headset

ARKARTECH Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones with Mic (4.3 stars, 318 reviews)

“I’m not your typical gaming headset user,” one reviewer says. “I’m a realtor. I use them to watch movies and respond to incoming calls without having to stop the movie, find my phone, answer the call then get all connected again. These are the perfect solution.” She continues, “The microphone projects well and I’ve not had any complaints about sound quality from the other end … I would imagine my boys would love to have them for gaming, but I’m so happy with them, I’m not going to share.” And many others reviewers, who do use this headset for gaming, rave about its audio quality. “The noise cancellation is fantastic for people who want to ignore everyone, and I really commend these headphones for that,” one reviewer writes. Another agrees, “Makes it great for playing video games, as you can hear every noise and footstep. They are very comfortable and with the noise cancellation, they shut out the outside world.”

One Customer bought the headset for her son.And she and her son both are happy.She said ” I purchased this headset several days ago for my son for using at his school, which is required for his speaking class.
I tested it for him with my laptop.
The sound quality is very good you can hear the base in it, also the mic works perfect too.
I had zero issues with them, and the quality is very good, so I think it will work for my son at least for 2 years. My son is so happy he had a new headphone now. enjoy it my son.
Thanks “

Best gaming headset for Xbox One

NUBWO Wired Gaming Headphones with Microphone (4.3 stars, 687 reviews)

One reviewer says, “Can only speak for Xbox one compatibility but these are excellent headphones! Clear crisp sound, gets loud enough, when I speak it is also received as clear and crisp, not very noise canceling but comfortable and a nice no fuss adjustable headband.” And many other owners of this headset agree that it’s great for playing games on their Xbox. “They were so easy to connect/plug into my Xbox controller,” one raves, adding, “The sound quality was amazing.” Another reviewer says that this headset is so good, it’s even changed the way they play: “I was playing my Xbox One with some very cheap and generic headphones, and after a couple months I decided to upgrade. As soon as I plugged these into my controller I was astonished with what I could hear and how these very well priced headphones enabled me to experience a different kind of gaming that I had yet to unlock with my original headset.”

Another Satisfied customer said ” These are the best headphones I’ve ever used at this price point. They are in all aspects highly superior to the 45$ Turtle Beach set that these are replacing. Superior construction makes use of the lightweight materials used. The combination of the metal guides at the top with a soft strap across the top provide great comfort for your head and stable adjustment to the phones. They don’t move and slide around easily at all. Honestly, just from these criteria, I was expecting a lot less, but was quite shocked at how superior they were to many of their competitors at much higher prices. As for the sound quality, it truly is exceptional. The noise cancellation is phenomenal. The cups seal very comfortably around my ears and any sound that does get in is very muted. Great choice for gaming as they provide excellent spatial acuity. The aforementioned top strap is very easy and comfortable on my head and provides great support. The braided cable is of superb and stable construction as well, with a good solid boot on the plug that is not easily susceptible to “bending damage”, if you know what I mean. It maintains it’s straight shape very well under use.
I have had earphones twice this price that I was only half as satisfied with. Get them. Now”

As it has a lower price than any other good headset you can definitely choose them for your happy gaming life.

Best gaming headset for multiple platforms

NUBWO Gaming Headset (4.3 stars, 397 reviews)

“I bought these because my old headset didn’t have comparability across platforms, was only a PC headset. This set has attachments for all the platforms which makes it easy to use for the Xbox then switch to the computer,” said one reviewer who loved this headset’s adaptability. And many others love that this headset is easy to use across different platforms, from the Nintendo Switch to Xbox One, even an iPad. “I play a lot on both PC and Xbox and it works great on both,” one reviewer writes, adding, “No crackling, no buzz. Comfortable on my ears. In games where you need to hear what direction enemy footsteps are coming from, I can hear it clearly and know what side it’s coming from.” Many parent reviewers were happy to discover how durable and sturdy this headset was as well. “Bought these for my son who is a big online gamer, 13 years old, and has not had a decent headset. He is hard on all his equipment and did not think these would be decent headphones when I originally told him that I ordered them,” one parent writes, adding, “They have been great, held up to his abuse, he wears them all the time … Very good for the price.”

Another customer said ” I like this headset.
I got it to replace my old headphones which, as many of my past headphones have done, in the past had the cord damaged. I went with this one due to its relatively low pricepoint and I enjoy wearing them. They’re quite soft and insulating, making them great for those cold morning commutes on the bus (protection against the rough ridges of the windows when I want to take a short nap is a big plus as well.”

Only thing I will mention is that they are a bit heavier than most headsets, which may take some getting used to, but other than that they’re great.
They work perfect for gaming and phone use, and it’s very nice to have that volume dial right there where I can reach it quicker than the volume buttons on my phone.

Do note that I’m not exactly very picky when it comes to sound quality in general, so I have no idea how this stacks up compared to higher end headphones and headsets, but for my purposes the sound quality is just as good as it needs to be, which is quite well considering how nicely the padding blocks everything else out.

Best gaming headset with LED lights

Beexcellent Gaming Headset GM-1 With Microphone (4.3 stars, 475 reviews)

The glowing, blue LED lights on the side of this gaming headset were a big bonus for many reviewers. “Most comfortable headset I’ve ever used,” writes one reviewer who says he prefers these to his more expensive headset. “The sound is as good as some of the more expensive headsets and the padding is VERY comfy … The LED lights are an added bonus. They’re really bright so even in regular light they look really cool.” One reviewer bought a pair of these for their husband and writes, “I also heard him tell his buddies over the game that his new headset glows up, haha.” Several warn that the LED lights only work when hooked up via USB, but for most, that’s actually a good thing: It’s no wonder why this gaming headset has so many rave reviews. Comfortable on the ears, great sound quality, crystal clear mic, and rad blue lights. To be fair, I’m not a fan of too much show. However, these headphones are nice looking and are easy on the eyes.

The lights are powered by the USB cable that’s attached. If you’re not a fan, go ahead and unplug it from your computer. This is a great feature to have when it’s 12AM and your wife is trying to sleep. Don’t want to disturb her with the lights? No problem. Which brings me to my next point…The closed ear headphones work well at keeping sound cupped. This means little to no sound leaks from the earphones. Granted, I don’t have the volume blasted at max. And you shouldn’t either – that’s just bad for your ears. But 30-40% volume is plenty to hear footsteps and which direction gunshots are being fired.The mic is also great. I love how it flips back into the headset. And, according to my teammates, my voice is clear. I’ll just have to take their word for it. ” Another Satisfied customer said.

“This is an amazing product for the price. The sound quality is incredible! This headset is one of the most comfortable headsets I have ever worn and one of the highest quality headsets I have ever bought. I suggest you all check this product out if you like gaming!!”

Most of the customers are happy because how it look like. “A quality set of headphones. They look slick. Both music and gaming sound great on these. Max volume depending on input isn’t crazy loud coming from the Mom side but loud enough to enjoy on any user side. The microphone has good clear quality sound compared to higher-end sets. Comfort level is good. Audio cable hook-up so you are able to use on mobile devices as well. Some users complained about the USB power for lights, however, if you had battery operated you would complain they are too heavy. I am happy with these. ” One reviewer said


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