Dhaka To Kolkata To Shimla To Manali To Delhi To Kolkata To Dhaka


We went for 5. Tours were 12 days in total. The cost was Tk 20 per person.

24/8/23 to 1/3/24

I got on the bus at Savapar from Dhaka at 4pm. After finishing the immigration work, I got off the bus to Kolkata at 3 pm. After that I went to Fairley. I got a train ticket to go to Kalka the next night. After fixing the hotel the next day before leaving for Kolkata, I saw the Math-Dakhineshwari Kali Temple at Howrah Bridge-Belur.

There are many ways to go from Kolkata to Shimla. But the only attraction to Kalka by traveling for an hour was the Toy Train on the Kalka-Shimla route. The Kalka-Shimla Railway is also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with other Indian Railways.
Kalka arrived at 4.30 in the morning. Around
It looks dark and cold. As the darkness subsided, the small watch in front of me began to look. Unable to get a toy train ticket, I boarded the train and boarded the train.Toy Train: The train has a huge glass window for outdoor viewing.

Nothing looks good. In the dark, the curves of the mountain turned around like a snake and the train started to rise. Our seat was on the right, by the window. Whenever the bend was turning, the back and forth rooms were clearly visible from the front room. Lighting rooms in the darkness looked strange! One thing, try to sit in the right seat. Because, the whole journey will move to the right side of the window with the eyes twin hills.There are 3 stations between Kalka and Simla, totaling 5 km. Gradually the train will rise on the hill. It is understood that one after another, the toy train is passing through the tunnel. At first, some small hillside houses were visible on both sides. But after some distance they disappeared. Sometimes high mountains and deep canyons on one side. Never a small shower again. Panoramic view of the Himalayas. The railway has 3 tunnels and 4 bridges. Clear sky The windows are moving in the sun, wet hills, moat, jungle, fountains, houses. Trains are passing through one station after another.

At 7am, the train slowed down. Looking out, I see a board with ‘Simla’ moving away from the window. Our journey is over! We had the pleasure of witnessing a wonderful experience.

Shimla and Manali: Be careful of the brokers in Shimla.

Solang Valley: Paragliding I did 5 rupees short fling. high fling 25 rupees. cable car 3 rupees

Kullu: River rafting 1 for 5 rupees.
Simla’s mallroads are much more beautiful than Manali’s maroods, especially at night.

After 4 days departing for Billam Delhi. After coming to Delhi in the morning, I left for the night and left Kolkata for the purpose. After coming to Kolkata, I left for Newmarket to Kanakata

When to visit Shimla Manali –

March to June – the weather is nice at that time. Ideal for adventure sports. But don’t get ice.

July to September – Monsoon. Ideal time to enjoy the green Shimla. But there are fears of collapse.

October to February – the perfect time to watch the snow fall. But the bones are cold

B: Avoid activities that may harm you while traveling. Do not place garbage everywhere except in garbage. Respect local residents and their way of life


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