Kuakata Tour Plan at launch


In the CNG, I left the Sadarghat Launch Terminal in just 6 hours 24 minutes from my home in Mirpur. Kajal bought some chips and then went to the launch at the launch and informed the people who had already booked the VIP cabin cloudy.

Since this was my first long journey on the ferry route and I had no idea about the launch cabin, the level of the breeze was a bit high. King size bed, LED TV, fridge, AC, sofa, wall clock, mirror, porch, attached bathroom, cabinets, cabinets, was not? And yes there was a pillow with a pillow as well.

Within 5 minutes of departure at 5pm, we left the room with supplemental coffee, mineral water and snacks. I went straight upstairs with coffee in hand, launching behind the city, launching, a charming feeling at the stars in the sky.

I had no idea that people could be so comfortable at lunch. Everyone was lying in bed feeling like they were lying in their bedroom.

In the meantime the waiters came and ordered dinner.

After dinner at dinner, with hilsa bhuna, potato filling, onion bhatta and lunch special pulses, stumbled upon hot coffee and did not get any time when it was past 12 o’clock to spend the morning at the launch. I do not know when I slept, then, there was a wreck at the Boga launch terminal, when Kajal 1, Bagerhat II and Sundarbans started screaming together at the launch. Then did not sleep anymore, from Patna to Patuakhali launch terminal at 9am.

From Patuakhali launch terminal to Mahindra, it took about 2 hours to reach Kuakata Beach. This 2-hour drive is beautiful, so much so that a car doesn’t stop. I can guarantee that I have never seen such a beautiful path on the way.

We got up at the Sea Queen Hotel. The beach was very close and the beach is visible from the porch. I left the hotel with a bag tag and went to the sea bath.

In the afternoon, the battery-operated van lemon char from the hotel, wandering around the beach until 9pm after watching the sunset from the red cucumber. He woke up at 7am the next day and reached Char Ganmamati before the sun rose through the beach in Hyundai. When the sun rises, Kuakata arrives at Zero Point and wishes for the sea.

On the 3rd day, I visited Shotki Rural and Tengragiri Wildlife Sanctuary by boat on a tourist boat. I like the beach in the forest. The trail was wonderful too.

There is no profit in talking about dab water. Instead of water, I ate dubai water for no reason.

Dear Travelers, It would be a mistake to compare this beach to Cox’s Bazar. This beach is cool, this beach is like poetry. This beach is ideal for those who love poetry.


1. From VIP Cabin Sadarghat for Launch Arriving at Patuakhali 1 * 2 = 3 Taka (Two People)

  1. Dinner at lunch and other 1 * 2 = 1 taka (two people)
  2. Mahindra fare to come to Patuakhali from Kuakata.
    1.Hotel for 2 nights: 25 * 1 = 1 (two)
    ৪. Honda tours at each spot for 5 bucks (two people)
    ৫. 5-Day Meal Cost in Kuakata 1 * 1 = 1 (Two)
    ৬. Visit to Tengragiri Wildlife Sanctuary and visit Tk 5 (two)
    ৭. On the return day, the cost of lunch is Tk 5 (two people)

Total 25/2 = 1 taka per person.

It is to be noted that non AC cabin instead of launch VIP cabin, non AC room instead of hotel AC room, Mahindra can travel to Arms Quakata from 3 to 5 rupees if you stay on the bus without reserving and stay two nights in three nights place.

I don’t stop bashing myself and encouraging others not to bash when they don’t know how to bash. All religions have clear guidelines on cleanliness.


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