One day visit the tradition of Chandpur


You can give a beautiful trip at Chandpur in Ilish’s house in a short time and at a minimal cost. Launch tours, breathtaking views of the Meghna river, the open air, sucking on a cup of tea and watching the fishermen catch a silver hint and think of it! Now if I could eat hot rice with a salad of mustard fish. No reason to worry? If you go to any hotel down from the launch of Chandpur, you will be able to eat roasted rice and egg yolk roast with mustard in full stomach. Then there are the faces of the three rivers, the mini-Cox’s Bazar waking up at the base of the high river, the Rupsa zamindar house in Faridganj and the sweet and unpredictable beautiful views of the famous Awal. If you look at the lightning bird’s eyes, you will feel like an impregnable fort. Hope you all have a great refreshment tour.

One of my fascinations with travel is fascination. Whenever I find a little time in the middle of a hundred busy hours, I wander around. Though traveling around many places, he never wrote travel reviews. And the habit of writing is not that much, but not for the benefit of the traveling thirsty. First of all, I am writing about my sweet home favorite birthplace, Chandpur Travel Review.

How to come from Dhaka:

They leave from Sadarghat at 9am to 5pm or half an hour immediately after launch It takes 3 hours to 4 hours 5 minutes to reach Chandpur Ghat.


Deck – 3 bucks
Chairs – 3 Taka
The cabin is not single AC-3 Taka
Double non-AC-5 bucks
AC Single – 3 Bucks
AC double – can charge 3 rupees.

Chandpur Launch Ghat down there are a few hotels to eat if you feel hungry. Paddy, pulse accessory will be charged at normal price and hilsa at Rs.

How to come from Comilla:

You will arrive at Chandpur Bus Stand by boarding Bogdadia or any other local bus. The rent will be charged from Tk. From there you can go anywhere by renting an auto or rickshaw.

Best places to visit:

1. Big station or three river estates:

After eating and drinking, go to the big station for 5-4 taka per person. Down at the big station you can see very close to the three rivers. Padma, Meghna and Dakatia are the three rivers that have come together. Best place for a visitor. There is a place to sit in the big station park. You can eat jerky and quick. There are several rides you can enjoy if you wish.

2.Mini Cox or Highchair:

Then it is better to go around the trailer and go to the high street known as Mini Cox’s Bazar. When the water is dry during the drought season, a large variety of whales emerge here. Cox’s Bazar looks like this, and people have named it Mini Cox’s Bazar. There is a trailer near the big station. People make 3-5 bucks. You have to pay only once to arrive. After departing, he can return to any stroller within 4:00 pm. Very nice and enjoyable, and don’t be disappointed. With football and group tours there is no point. He took the sport as he wished. After bathing in the river water, come back to the big station for a bath.

3. Rupsa Zamindar House and Owl Sweets:

Then ride the auto to the bus stand at Chandpur. Get on the bus or CNG in Faridganj upazila. Faridganj Bazar will come and get local CNG of Rupsa Bazar on the left side of the road. CNG Rupsa will land next to the gate of the landlord’s house. Finish wandering the zamindar’s house and come back to Faridganj Bazar. Get up at TomTom and ask to come down to Auval’s sweet shop. The shop is named Owl Suites. You can understand whether you have ever eaten such a sweet. He will close his eyes after eating a dessert, and notice when paying the bills, he has eaten any gap for eight-ten. There was no account of how many I ate at the first meeting. Going to Faridganj and not eating auval sweets means missing a lot.

4. Ideal and unpredictable beautiful views

Injay now let’s take a traditional pile of motifs and walk around the barricades. From CNG Faridganj, let’s go to Baburhat from there. People will know if the ghosab cabin or Lakshmi Narayan dessert warehouse will be taken down. In these two stores, the famous good pudding of the heart is found. Small khoras or khilas will cost from Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 and kg will cost between Rs. Do you understand what is delicious? And what’s sweet? what a fun?
Even when you come home, you will get the smell of latex.

If you want to spend some good time in the afternoon then go for a walk around the mall. Met with Bangladesh’s 2nd largest irrigation project. With the see the beauty of the village inside the dam. Walking just a little further from the motel market, the motel is Ferighat. From Ferighat, cross the river with a boat and go through the moat. On one side of the dam is the basin of the Meghna river and on the other side is the basin of the river Dhanagoda. You can hear the roar of the river Meghna sitting on the dam. Meghna can sit in the river and eat cold air. The gentle breeze of the river will make you even cooler. The fatigue of the day will dissipate with you.


If you wish, you can go to Dhaka or you can go to Chandpur.

Route 1: From CNG to Motilab to Chandpur fare will be charged at Tk. From 6pm to 5pm, they leave for more than 12pm. Leave for Sadarghat in Dhaka.

Route-2: From the ground, go straight to CNG Dowakandi Bridge fare will be charged 3-5 taka. From Dowkandi Bridge to BRTC bus can come to Gulistan by the time it will take two hours to rent Tk.


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