Ravindra Kuthibari in Patsisar


From Atrai, we had to rent CNG as we would go to Kuttibari Patisar in memory of the poet Guru Rabindranath. It is quite sunny. The weather is not good at that time. It is raining then. Ahsanganj railway station is the same as ten other railway stations in the country. Rabi Tagore came directly from Kolkata and went down to Ahsanganj station and went to Bazara through Patna.

From Atrai to Patisar Kuthibari, about 5 km. The road is not very convenient. Zahid wanted to know what paddy was sown on. But Amita could not do any good to Amata. Neither does the calculation of Eri implantation over time.

From time to time the car is shaking. A few broken-and-tumble crabs have come to us for slippery paths. Once, Khalat’s brother, Russell, fell in love with the new wife and fell out of CNG on the sidewalk.

On both sides of the path, rows of young Talgach-barinda authorities have planted the view. The view is excellent. When the sky touches, the clouds are stuck in the head, I do not know how beautiful it will look! I am thrilled to think. Talgach standing on one side, taking our small river along the Nagar river and turning it or turning two bighas of land, the poet wrote here during the zamindari care. I think when you’re in front of the entrance of the Villa, a lion, then 10am.One of the raindrops did not enter the ticket. Inside the building, it is quadrilateral. The lion door in front of me. First I started visiting on the left. I got it.

After looking at the left room, I dug the walls of the middle room with poems of various poets and pictures of different ages. We have a small river, a curved poem drawn here. The rooms on the side have all the rooms like the poet’s pictures and poetry walls, bathtubs on the floor. The Villa mulabhabana ceyarae out of the room when the inspection was completed.

In the middle of the whole building there is an empty courtyard and there is a huge sculpture of white in the hand of the poet.

The foreground is identified by many Rabindra researchers as the two bighas of poetry ‘Two Bigha Land’.Along with Kuthi Bari, the poet established the name of his son ‘Kaligram Rathindranath Institute’. The poet writes here.

Vengeance and Thakurda are composed here in short stories. Rabindra Mela sits here every year on Kabir’s birthday. The fans joined the fair from afar and turned it into a festival.

How to get there:

From Dinajpur-Rangpur Inter-city Lalmoni, you can get on any train by speeding from Dinajpur-Rangpur to Dhaka.

Where to stay:

There is no such facility to stay in Patisar. There is Dakbungalow of the Zilla Parishad.


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