Travel to Budapest 2019


Today I will share the story of my trip to Hungary. The Hungarian capital Budapest is a wonderful place to visit in Europe. You will find many history in this Budapest.

So let’s get started:

There were no tours for many days after I left the country. Since I was in Austria, I planned to come with a short tour from the side. And since I am a traveling pianist, it is absolutely unbearable to miss a tour. So I planned to go to Hungary, or else I would go around the rest of Europe. That’s what works. I packed a bag and went to Praterstern and got a train ticket for the update.

Our train was OBB. It is basically an Austrian train and a very nice train that is very comfortable to travel. The train ticket price was 5 euros. Anyway, with the train ticket, I left Hauptbahnhof … The train came to the platform to wait for a while. Our train was not delayed for one minute. At one point, they leave the platform for Budapest. The view from the outside was extraordinary on the train. However, the video was so loud that I could not do the video exactly

When our train crossed Austria and entered Hungary, there was no check at the border but when I got back from Hungary, I was checked. Anyway it took exactly 2 hours 5 minutes from Vienna to Budapest. Then I got off the train and went to the Keleti station for the money exchange … It is good to say that Keleti Station is the biggest station in Hungary … Many tourists come to see this station. . Anyway we got a money exchange from where we exchanged euros.

The most interesting thing is that in Hungary but the euro does not go there, the Hungarian ferry, whose value is far below our money in Bangladesh. That means you will get 5 Hungarian fronts for 20 bucks. Anyway we broke 5 euros and got 25 Hungarian fronts. After the exchange, I booked two single tickets for two hours from the outside ticket booth for 24 hours. With which you can stay on the bus tram or the metro for 24 hours, I went by bus to the last stop, where our hotel is located. We book hotels online.The hotel’s name was Unique studio at the Danube. It was originally on the banks of the river Danube. Anyway it was evening to reach the hotel. We also freshened up from the hotel and went out for some food. That means mcdonald’s got fish burgers right underneath the hotel. After that there is a nice bridge next to it and I spent some time there.

From that bridge, you can see everything in Budapest. And a very good view of the night bay is available. The bridge was named Margaret Bridge. Anyway, down the bridge, we left and headed towards the Budapest Parliament. Not too far from the bridge. On my way to Olympia Park. I stood there and took some pictures and went to Parliament.

A huge parliament. There are many statues in the vicinity of Parliament … and below are museums. Anyway, I came to the hotel for a few minutes, but before coming to the hotel, I spent some time cooking and buying food for the meal, since our hotel is apartment type means that we have cooking arrangements.

Second day:

In the morning, I woke up to breakfast. Crossing the road, I came across the number 2 tram in front of the Budapest Parliament. Parliament is a kind of night-watching and day-by-day food. Many tourists come there.You can go to the lower museum of Parliament. It doesn’t cost a penny to get there. There is a circle in front of Parliament. That place was called Kossuth Lajos Square after a while the responsible guard parade changed. And after a while, it can be seen. We left the museum and saw a Hungarian flag during World War II.

I went to take pictures, who also stopped because there was no photo taken. Anyway, I got up and went to the left of Parliament and spent some time there.

Then I came down from the Budapest Parliament and walked across the banks of the river Danube and found Shoes on the Danube Bank. It was created by the film’s director, Kentagge, to honor the Jews.

Anyway, after that, I left for Trump on the Liberty Bridge. We spent some time there in front of the famous bridge in Budapest, Hungary. Which is known everywhere as the Chain Bridge. The bridge has a long history, one of which was that the bridge was demolished by the Germans in the 5th century. It was later rebuilt after World War II and opened in the 5th.

It basically pulls up with a rope. It would be wonderful to see a chain bridge from a distance when the Funny Cooler is going up!

It’s up to me to do more than just fulfill a hobby. Anyway we came down and we booked a package. It was in the package

1.Fisherman’s Bastion 2. Buda Castle shows two to three more spots where we didn’t go. Whatever takes us on a mini bus, first of all, Fisherman’s Bastion cannot be said if the place is really beautiful. If you step up, you will get a good view.

Anyway, let’s spend some time there. Buda Castle is a wonderful place to visit. It may take you 3-5 hours to turn the entire castle, including the museum inside. It took me a while. Turning everything down to the top left and right of the castle … you may not understand when your time is going.Before evening we returned to the hotel. Many have been around Abdominal cradle Nothing else will be played or rice should be eaten. When I come to the hotel, make rice and fill the potatoes and make a fried sauce. And the fastest cooking that works in danger is fried eggs. However, it seems to me that there is a dragon running inside the stomach. Eat and sleep Of course, I was feeling a lot of pain for many walks.

The next morning, I got out of the house a little late. This time I went to the Metro in Hungary, Great or Central Market Hall. You can also come by tram if you want. In this case it will take a little longer. However, the Great Market is a market. There you will find all. However, I did not find any halal meat shop. However, below the raw market there will be all kinds of vegetables starting from the tari curry and found under one roof.

And on the top floor there are various show pitch shops for decorating various dresses. By the way, we bought the famous red pepper from Hungary, meaning raw banana. A small amount of pepper in a plastic box costs 2.5 euros. Bhaga Bhava Bhava is possible?

From there I went to the WestEnd Shopping Complex. It’s a named shopping complex. Each brand will get a shop inside this complex. We did some shopping too.

And I had lunch outside. After eating and walking on foot, I turned around in the oligopoly of Budapest.

Along with this is the story of my trip to Budapest


  1. Train fares come in 1 euro.
  2. Hotel rental is 120 Euros for two days. (Hotel would be wrong to say hotel + apartment)
  3. Two euros for food is 5 euros.
  4. Funicular Return Ticket 1 Forint (OneWay 120F)
  5. Our package was priced at 5 francs.
  6. The price of the transport ticket for one day was 1 ferrant (single ticket).


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