Travelling Bangladesh To Dubai


After finishing our trip to Egypt, our next destination was Dubai.
Dubai: Dubai is one of the seven provinces of the United Arab Emirates. It is located on the Arabian Peninsula on the southern bank of the Persian Gulf. Dubai’s main revenue streams are tourism, real estate and financial services.

Plane fare: Dhaka to Dubai goes to many local and foreign airs. Depends on the ticket price plane. Since we went to Egypt on Emirates Air, Dubai is in transit. This is why Dubai Planning.

Visas: Visas in the UAE are very easy to do. UAE authorities issue travel visas to many agencies in Bangladesh in exchange for contractual security. And these agencies process UAE visas on their trust. For example, you do not have to give your original passport or photo to get an Emirates visa. The agency will apply with your passport and photo copy. I received my online visa within 24 hours! Travel visa expires for 7 days. You have to finish your trip in the meantime.

Hotels: In Dubai you will find different hotels of different rates. You can choose your hotel according to your budget. But the best places to stay in Dubai are Dubai Downtown, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah beach and The Palm Jumeirah. Downtown is located in the middle of the city’s top floor. If you want to stay in Burj Khalifa with a view of Dubai then you should select Dubai Downtown. Jumeirah beach and The Palm Jemeirah being the Sea View. Hotels are also relatively expensive.

Day 1:

(Egypt to Dubai / Dubai Mall-Dubai Aquarium / Burj Khalifa / Dubai Fountain / Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina)
We fly from Egypt to Dubai in a 12.5 minute flight. It took 1.5 hours to reach. I took a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Our hotel was right next to the Dubai Mall. And I took the room with Swimmingpool and the Burj-Khalifa view. Free shuttle arrangements were made to get to different spots from the hotel after a certain period of time.
Fresh in the afternoon I took some pictures from the hotel swimming pool with the view of the Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world. There is a huge aquarium besides shopping. You will need to book a ticket for this. Tickets vary. Minimum tickets start at 1 dirham. Besides, the food court has many dishes including Indian, Chinese, Arabian, Italian. We ate food from the food court and dubai fountain and burj khalifa. It is fitted with Dubai Mall. The Dubai Fountain has a 5-minute regular show, followed by 5 minutes. There is no fee to view it. On one side is the water dance on the fountain and the Burj Khalifa on the other! Absolutely awesome !! In the evening, the LED light shows again in the Burj Khalifa. It is great to see this light show of color. This is usually 5/1 after dusk, and timing varies according to time. After watching the fountain and the light show, we took some pictures. Dhow Cruise with Dinner Mast Tri at Dubai Marina at night. Traveling on a beautiful charming wooden boat, live show and buffet dinner is a unique experience. This package is usually 2-3 hours. You can book this package online or from the hotel.

Day 2:

(Desert Safari / Burj Khalifa at the Top / Movie at Cineplex)
Breakfast in the morning and confirm the Dubai safari ticket online. Then I came out for the world’s highest lounge Burj Khalifa ‘At The Top’. From the bottom of the floor was to see the city of Dubai! There are two types of package tickets. 120 – 120th floor (starting at 1 dirham) and 1-5 incliding 3 and 121 – 122 storey (starting at 1 dirham). It takes about 5 minutes to lift the 125th floor from the ground here !! We take the highest 5 floor package. There was a snack in the buffet with the restaurant on the ground floor. The entire Dubai city can be seen from here. After 4 hours, we left the hotel. From there, the car will arrive at Dubai at 7pm for the Dubai safari. Dubai Safari is open from 5pm to 5pm. There are a few packages. You have to choose which package you are interested in. Of course there are variations in package pricing, package by package.
Our package price was 20 dirhams per person. The 4-seat jeep arrives and picks us up from our hotel. There was a Ukrainian couple in the car already. Then the driver picked up another couple from another hotel (in Singapore). The total of 5 passengers left for the driver’s chest. The distance is quite a lot. On the way, the driver drove us to Dubai’s King’s Palace by car. Then stop the wheel and change the wheel before entering the desert. Some of the cars here, along with some more passengers, left for the desert. During this time, everyone at the station’s super store freshened up some light food and juice. And after 5 minutes I left again. A wonderful adventure began as soon as we entered the desert! Rows of rows of jumps are the unique feeling of hiking down steep hills in a line. It is impossible to sit still in the car at this time. Jhukuni are plenty. So if you have a heart problem then this journey should be avoided. The Journey occasionally has the opportunity to take pictures at some places. After about 4 hours we reach Bedouin Adat camp. Upon arriving, quality snacks and unlimited soft drinks are served. The buffet bbq dinner is serviced for a short time. Shortly after that the Arabian Show started, followed by Belly Dance. After finishing the wonderful arrangements and delicious food we headed back to the hotel.

The jeep dropped us off at the hotel. Our hotel had a cineplex. And as a guest of the movie, the movie ticket was complimentary! So in some of the movies, let me see Aladin from the Late Night Show.

Day 3:

(Jumeirah beach / Jumeirah Beach Resort / Burj Al Arab / Dubai Mall / Gold Souk)
This morning, breakfast is out at Jumeirah beach. From the beach go to Jumeirah beach resort. A light snack and coffee is served at the resort’s private beach at this five star hotel restaurant. This beach is one of the seven Star Hotel Burj Al Arab in the world (entry is absolutely prohibited without booking in Burj Al Arab) This beach is very clean and tidy. The resort is very well taken care of by itself. There is more to see here The Palm Jumeirah. Then we left for Dubai Mall. Dubai Gold Souk goes shopping and lunch from Dubai Mall. It is the largest gold market in the world.

Apart from this you can see or do in Dubai –
-Dubai Butterfly Park (must go)
-Dubai Miracle Garden (seasonally open)
-Al Fahidi Fort
-Amusement park
-Sky dive (must do but expensive) (desert-1699 Dirham & palm sea-2199 Dirham)

  • City tour by bus
    -Helicopter city Tour
    -Ice ski dubai
    -One Day Abu Dhabi tour (must visit)
    -Dubai Waterpark etc.

Important to remember:

1 Currency: 1 Dubai Dirham = 25-20 taka
√ Money Exchange: If you want to break a dollar in Dubai, it is cheaper to break into the city without breaking into the airport. The airport offers a much lower rate. Again tax-deductible. So before you break the dollar, be clear about tax or service charge.
Asim: If you want a sim, you can take it from the airport. Online DDO calls are banned in Dubai. So you can’t make video calls online if you want (There may be exceptions!) It will tell you from the SIM shop. They told us not to call our apps online. But I’ve talked about it in whatsapp.
Any package should be checked online. Package prizes vary between online and hotel. As my desert safari package was 20 dirhams. But we went there and bought some packages from our group.
And online package is definitely better than 2/3 days before the trip. Because of the seat capacity, good packages are booked in advance!
Cheap hotel or similar online hotel booking sites.

Cost Summery (per person):
Visa: 1
Airfare fares: Starting at 1, 5 (incl. Return)
Hotel: 3-Unlimited (Rooms per room)
Food (per day): Depends on you! (৳ ভার average)
Desert Safari: Package price starting from USD 50 (incl. Dinner)
Drow Cruise: Package starting at USD 30 (incl. Dinner)
Dubai Acquirium: Starting at 55 Dirham
Burj Khalifa: Starting at 135 Dirham


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