Visiting Napakhum, Remakri, Tindu of Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban


Thanchi Upazila, about 5 km from Bandarban city. Leaving Chandane’s car from Bandarban city at 2pm I left for Thanchi. I stopped for life in the city to enjoy the game of clouds in the mountains on the far side for rain. This is the road I heard from the youngest of all in Bandarban. The road is very steep. When the car descends along this road, it only slows down for 5 minutes. From the bottom, it looks like the sky’s muddy on the road. Our car arrived in Thanchi to see this cloud game. We stayed at Thanchi at night. At the same time, I set the Remacri guides and boats in the morning. We left early in the morning for the remake. When the boat started moving, within 2 minutes we were out of the network. Our boats were moving ahead, carefully cutting the river-filled river water.
However, the beauty of the rainy season of the Sangu River was something to enjoy. Since there was plenty of water in the river, we reached Remacri in about 4 hours. However, some of the paths had to be paved along the narrow and steep slopes of the hills.
Arriving at Remacri, we did not rest at a hotel called Nafakhung. After lunch we left for Napakhum. On the way, the waterfall of Remacri surprised us. Without wasting time, we left for Napakhum immediately. After about 5 minutes the boat reached the end of the waterway. The walk was about 5 minutes. To swim in the middle is to cross the river side (although there was not much water, but the river was terrible). As soon as it was gone, the terrifying roar of Nafakhum’s waters began to erupt. As I dreamed of fulfilling the dream in front of my eyes, I saw this wonderful creation of the Creator. Since the water was high and the sky was cloudy, we did not go down into the water. With satisfaction I came back to Remacri. On the way back, everyone was soaked in the fountain of anonymity. Then we got lost in Remacri’s water stream. The regret of not being able to help Nafakhum was completely removed in Remacri.
I returned to the hotel just before dusk. TV is playing in the shop with a disc antenna called Akash. After a light snack and tea, we came to Remacri Market. Herd village All the lights of the hotel went out at 7pm after eating dinner. Remakri’s call sounded and Jochana spent the night in luxury.
Woke up in the morning, eyes fell outside the window. Clouds and clouds. Through the windows were visible mountains, and mountains filled with clouds. Looking back and thinking, Oh, I could get lost in this beauty for a lifetime. I had a beautiful morning every day. Then I set out for breakfast and headed for Thanchi. Along the way, there are large stones and tindur. Most of the large rocks were filled with water. We could not enjoy this beauty for a long time. Then I sat down at Tindu Market and played tea. Tindu with a small market. Then we reached the end of our waterway, Thanchi. After lunch I left again. Diver Saheb explained the fun of Chande’s car in Thanchi’s drawn-out way. Occasionally the car was moving inside the cloud. In the evening, I reached Bandarban and caught my way home. And I thank the Creator for such a beautiful journey.

The Creator is great.
This wonderful city is full of strange and beautiful Maya. Luckily, last year, Nafakhum had a plane with a small tour from Bogalek to Keokradong. Napakhum did not go out with friends as it was not an opportunity all the time. The premature death of the friend suppressed everyone’s desire. Yet, the Creator that fulfilled my wish, I am so happy and grateful that Thanchi has given me the opportunity to see such beautiful mountains, beautiful streams, sangur streams, tundus, big rocks, the beauty of Remakri and the beautiful waterfalls like Nafakhum. I want to come back again and again. And there is so much to see.
Padamukh, Thaisapara, Amiakhum, Satyavikhum, more beautiful places with big hills. At Sabi Thanchi. So will come again.


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