Travel to The Oxford Mission Church Bangladesh


The Oxford Mission Church is the second largest on the continent of Asia and one of the architectural artifacts of Bangladesh’s artistic churches. The picturesque old structure, located at Bogra Road in Barisal, a southern sectional city of Bangladesh, is 5 years old.

There are spacious prayer rooms inside the fascinating church built on Greek architecture. Surrounded by palm trees around it, you can see the terracotta high archway church when you look through the gaps. The roof is made of wood, and lovely marble tiles on the floor. The most striking feature of this church is its amazing construction style.

It is reported that his first lover Monia met poet Jivanand Das at the church of Oxford Mission in Barisal. Monia’s mother used to serve at the church. He was also a student at the Oxford Mission hostel. How many years of life was associated with this church, ever seen here with his first lover Monia? The synagogue stands to witness these questions.

“Or in the Nike rice field;
No more busy,
The straw from the duck’s nest
The straw from the nest of the bird
Spreading; Maniyara room and night, winter and water dew.
Life goes on for almost two years.
Then suddenly if I get in the way I will get you again! “

Although access is restricted for general purposes, it can be accessed here without special permission.

By bus or by road
By road you will reach Dhaka from Barisal in 3 to 5 hours. Every day, from the morning till 5 pm, some buses leave the Gbatali bus terminal to Barisal. Most buses cross Paturia Ghat to Barisal and some buses cross Mawa Ghat to Barisal. Buses from Dhaka stop at Nitullabad bus stand in Barisal. From Nimtulabad, rickshaw or auto can be reached easily at Bogra Road Church.


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